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jkusters's Journal

John Kusters
Geez, I wiped out my old bio, and now I don't remember what I wrote. *ponders*

Hi, I'm John. I usually type it JOhn. If you want to know why, see this.

I'm a 40-something gay man living with my husband-to-be, thomasm, in beautiful San Jose. We've been together for over 20 years now, which isn't bad considering we met on IRC. (You young'ns can look it up.) We both work in the software field, both doing software testing. I'm also an aspiring novelist, but making money from that is likely to be a long way off. I enjoy reading, mostly sci-fi/fantasy and technical books. I also enjoy dabbling in the arts, be it drawing or painting. I consider myself a Buddhist, though lately I've not been spending much time in that pursuit. I do not consider myself religious, though, and would be considered an atheist for most intents and purposes. (Which makes the fact that I teach Sunday School at my local UU church an amusing contradiction to me.) Oh, and possibly the most controversial thing of all: I'm a Mac enthusiast. Shock! Horror! ;-)

If you want to know anything else, feel free to stop by my journal and ask. If you're polite and sincere, you'll get as honest an answer as I am able to provide.

Oh, one more thing. As this journal belongs to an adult gay male, there may at times be frank discussions of adult gay male sex and/or pictures. If you think this is a bad thing, GO AWAY NOW. My journal, my rules.
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